Best restaurants in the U.S. and World

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There are many “best restaurant” lists. I found one by La Liste which provides a fairly transparent methodology for their ranking of their top 1000 restaurants in the world.

I’ve extracted the top restaurants in the U.S. from this list; there are 90 of them. Here they are. I’ve bolded the ones I’ve eaten at – including the top-rated Guy Savoy in Paris that I had the great pleasure of dining at in December 2018.

Guy Savoy Paris, France 99.75
Le Bernardin New York 99.75
The French Laundry Yountville 99.25
Eleven Madison Park New York 99.25
The Inn at Little Washington Washington 98.75
Blue Hill at Stone Barns Tarrytown 97.75
Jean-Georges New York 97.50
The Restaurant at Meadowood Saint Helena 97.50
Alinea Chicago 97.00
Daniel New York 96.50
Manresa Los Gatos 95.25
Del Posto New York 94.75
Saison San Francisco 94.25
Per Se New York 93.00
Guy Savoy (USA) Las Vegas 92.25
Atelier Crenn San Francisco 91.75
Providence Los Angeles 90.50
Coi San Francisco 88.50
Picasso at the Bellagio Las Vegas 87.00
Pineapple and Pearls Washington 87.00
Uchu New York 87.00
Gabriel Kreuther New York 86.75
minibar by José Andres Washington 86.25
Masa New York 85.50
Spago Beverly Hills Beverly Hills 85.50
Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare New York 85.25
The Modern New York 84.75
Oriole Chicago 84.50
Quince San Francisco 84.00
Benu San Francisco 84.00
Melisse Santa Monica 83.75
Marea New York 83.25
Momofuku Ko New York 83.00
Atera New York 82.75
Gary Danko San Francisco 82.75
Acquerello San Francisco 82.25
Aquavit New York 81.75
Everest Chicago 81.50
Bouley New York 81.25
Plume Washington 81.25
The Bazaar by José Andres Los Angeles 81.25
Jungsik New York 81.00
Acadia Chicago 81.00
Gramercy Tavern New York 81.00
Aska Brooklyn 81.00
Lukshon Culver City 81.00
Smyth Chicago 81.00
Eight Tables by George Chen San Francisco 81.00
The Lost Kitchen Freedom 81.00
Blanca New York 80.75
Cut by Wolfgang Puck (Beverly Hills) Beverly Hills 80.75
Farmhouse Restaurant Forestville 80.75
Blue Hill New York 80.75
Gotham Bar and Grill New York 80.75
Lazy Bear San Francisco 80.75
Sushi Ginza Onodera New York 80.75
Baumé Palo Alto 80.50
Joël Robuchon (USA) Las Vegas 80.50
Michael Mina San Francisco 80.50
The Plumed Horse Saratoga 80.50
Ai Fiori New York 80.50
Cafe Boulud New York 80.50
Sushi Yasuda New York 80.50
Fiola Washington 80.50
Babbo New York 80.25
NoMad New York 80.25
Sushi Nakazawa New York 80.25
Addison San Diego 80.00
Chef Mavro Honolulu 80.00
Menton Boston 80.00
Studio Laguna Beach 80.00
Campton Place Restaurant San Francisco 80.00
Blackbird Chicago 80.00
Commander’s Palace New Orleans 80.00
La Grenouille New York 80.00
Vetri Philadelphia 80.00
Georgian Room Sea Island 80.00
Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas 80.00
Carbone New York 80.00
Kyo Ya New York 80.00
é by José Andres Las Vegas 80.00
Agern New York 80.00
Californios San Francisco 80.00
n/naka Los Angeles 80.00
Trois Mec Los Angeles 80.00
Q Sushi Los Angeles 80.00
Le Pigeon Portland 80.00
L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon New York 80.00
Vespertine Culver City 80.00
SingleThread Healdsburg 80.00
ATOMIX New York 80.00


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